this lady danced for all eternity

literally, mother nature.

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Elay Neal Moses, 22.4,
I know summer is almost here, because freckles cover my face

Anonymous asked: what is your opinion on love, life and happiness?

they are all one in the same

love your life and that will equal happiness

love is a complicated word used to describe many things, but love is totally subjective, everyone can love and has the capacity to love. Find someone who loves you as much as you love them but not in the words in the action of love. 

life is only what you make of it, if you wait around waiting for life to happen you’ll die wondering what if. 

happiness is my favourite because its such a fluid word, the best quote i have ever heard about happiness is from the book/film “into the wild” and its “Happiness is only real when shared” 

but i guess all these things are up to the person and not everyone has to be the same

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